Looking for an international, fun hiking group?

Hi there,
You are somewhat Internet-savvy and looking for an international hiking group?

Our next hikes:
August 8: Palatinate Forest: Rosenthal monastery ruins and forest ponds (16 km, 300 m ascent)
August 29: Black Forest: Schwarzenbach Dam in the Murg river valley (16 km, 550 m ascent)
October 9: Black Forest: schnapps fountains along the Mühlenweg Ottenhöfen (13 km, 400 m ascent)

Participate by completing 3 steps:
1. Create a profile for the Groups Place platform on https://app.groups.place/group/WillHikeforCake
2. Ask to join the group "Will Hike for Cake"
3. Wait for an email confirmation, then RSVP for upcoming events

If you are just curious about the group, check out our public web site https://willhikeforcake.com/ and the "Latest Events".

Further search terms: Wandergruppe, Wandern, Wanderungen
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